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Prophet Ezekiel saw spaceship-engineer

    Webmaster's Note: This article contains several errors, such as misspelling Blumrich's first name. In the interest of historical accuracy I copied it without making any corrections. The article says "an engineer said ... Ezekiel saw a spaceship land 2,600 years ago." . . . "around 6 B.C."

    Source: UPI article published in the Birmingham Post Herald, Birmingham, Alabama USA, May 22, 1973.



United Press International

   HUNTSVILLE - A space agency engineer said Wednesday he believes the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel saw a spaceship land 2,600 years ago.

   Working from Ezekiel's descriptions as written in the Old Testament of the Bible, Joseph F. Blumrich said it appears that a large rocket ship with four helicopter motors descended to earth from an Earth-orbiting mother ship around 6 B.C.  

   Blumrich, chief of the systems layout branch of the program development office at the Marshall Space Flight Center, said he has analyzed the engineering credibility of Ezekiel's book for three years "and I came to the conclusion that the prophet indeed saw such a thing."

   "My conclusion is that this was what we nowadays call a shuttle vehicle," he said in a telephone interview.  


   "It was dependent on an orbital station.  And size and performance match the shuttle vehicle that goes from that orbital station to the ground and back.

   "The thing is a very feasible vehicle and a very good design.  There's a good engineering behind the entire design."

   Blumrich said he believes the rocket ship was shaped like a cone with concave sides and that it used atmospheric drag to decelerate in earth's atmosphere.  Then it slowed its descent with breaking rockets and finally used four rotor blades to descend the final few thousand feet to earth.  

   Ezekiel's description of the event, in the first chapter of his book in the Old Testament, starts by saying, ". . . a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself, and a brightness was about it . . ."